Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kosher Bacon

I got pretty bored playing video games and eating jamon my last few months in Spain, so I treated myself with a little side project I have been meaning to do for awhile: make my own whiskey.

My petite setup
I set two goals for myself (1) make enough for groomsmen favors at my brother's wedding and (2) have it not taste too terrible.

I did an initial batch of 80% organic corn to 20% Paris Otter malt and let it ferment a long stretch (without cooking) with White Labs Distillers Yeast. I used the backset from my beer runs of my first batch in a second batch of around 60% organic corn and 40% Otter malt.

Adorable sibling photo at lil' brudder's boda
After a few months of distilling small batches and optimizing my cooling setup on my alembic copper still, I was ready to blend my hearts with a pinch of heads and tails to a firm 110 proof spirit. I like it strong!

This was then aged with a #2 char oak infusion spiral for about a week to give the spirit some color.

In the end, Kosher Bacon Distillation Corn Whiskey was born.

Finished product! Whorskey!

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