Monday, April 30, 2012

Move Over Mint Julep

In Lexington, KY at Stella's Kentucky Deli I was first introduced to the delicious cocktail called the "Double Wide" also-more-sordidly-known-as (AMSKA) the "Kentucky Motherfucka". It's basically Ale-8-One, a Kentucky made ginger soft drink, with a generous amount of bourbon. However as derby day approaches we must mint-ify our drinking habits. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the TRIPLE WIDE?!?!

the shaved iced melted at this point. only the icebergs were left.

The Triple Wide

-Fill glass halfway up with shaved ice.
-Fill the rest of the glass with Ale-8-One soda.
-Garnish with rinsed mint leaves.
-Serve with a teeny tiny straw.

For those folks reading this outside of Kentucky I would suggest Maker's Mark Mint Julep and any quality ginger ale/soda as a substitute for the above ingredients.

Please enjoy Derby Day and all of its neighboring days responsibly. And just to make this interesting, I'll send the commenter with the best AMSKA name for the newly "minted" Triple Wide a bottle of MB Rolland's Kentucky Mint Julep Liqueur. If you're under 21 you'll get a six pack of Ale-8-One. Let the games begin!